About us

MJR Accounting was formed in 2009 to provide small and medium size businesses with the support they need to make a success of navigating the mine field of accounting standards, taxation laws, administrative requirements and secretarial duties that so many owner managed businesses face. We realised that these owner managed businesses spend so much of their time and resources on running and positioning the company in the market that they often do not have the time and expertise needed to tackle these challenges.

All too often having a qualified, dependable accountant to partner your owner managed small or medium business has been identified as the difference between success and failure. Another vital requirement for managing a business is the use of a reliable tested accounting package.

Based on these and other observations we at MJR Accounting strive to offer client personalized services to cater for their unique needs, providing our years of experience in many industries, professional accounting expertise, professional tax practitioner’s guidance and qualified payroll administrator’s direction to guide clients to success. In addition to these expertise and experience we encourage all clients to make use of a tried and tested accounting package. Such as SAGEONE for the on the move client, that wants access to their accounting and payroll records over the internet at any time and in any place. To the client that prefers providing MJR Accounting with all their hardcopy paperwork to capture and having a more face to face advisory relationship. In either case the client has the option to give MJR Accounting as much or as little control over the accounting function as their needs dictate.

MJR Accounting has the aim of “Accounting Maintenance Made Easy” and we therefore ensure that we receive the most up-to-date training in the areas of accounting standards and taxation legislation, to make the maintenance of your accounting and tax matters easy. It also assists us in upholding our core values of Respect, Integrity, Confidentiality and Honesty.

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