Accounting and Bookkeeping

What funds are available to our business? Which supplier should be paid first? Are there enough funds for Salaries? Are my clients paying me on time and in full?

All of these questions are asked by every manager, director or business owner at one point or another. If the business accounting records are not up to date and available to management, none of these questions can be answered with accuracy. At MJR Accounting we know the value of having accurate records that are available. We are also fully aware that time is often the enemy of management and even more so for small or medium owner managed businesses. We therefore offer a full house accounting function for owner managed businesses to assist them in obtaining accurate and timeous accounting records.

In addition to the impact that accurate accounting records have on business decisions it has an equally huge impact on the tax debt of a business. The need therefore to maintain clean and transparent accounting records for the tax authorities (SARS) is paramount. In partnership with MJR Accounting you will be able to achieve accurate, transparent and up to date accounting records that give you peace of mind and confidence to make reliable business decisions based on fact, not a gut feel.

Review our list of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and payroll services and allow us to assist you in making accounting maintenance easy.

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Our Accounting Service includes:


  • Monthly Accounting Processing
  • Monthly Accounting Reconciliations
  • Monthly Pastel Reports
  • Assisting with any queries
  • Annual Financial Statements


  • Review of VAT Reports
  • Submitting of VAT Returns
  • Withholding Tax Returns
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • Annual Income Tax Returns
  • Taxation structures
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Application

Payroll Service

  • Salary Structuring
  • Monthly or Weekly or Fortnightly Payroll Processing
  • EMP201 Submission – PAYE, UIF & SDL Returns
  • Monthly declaration to Department of Labour (UI19)
  • EMP501 Reconciliations and Submissions
  • Compensation Commissioner Returns