Taxation Services

Who of us enjoy paying taxes? No One! So have you got a professional tax practitioner on your side?

At MJR Accounting and Tax Services our professional tax practitioners are dedicated to assisting clients optimize their tax position and avoid interest and penalties. We also guide our client through the review and audit processes of SARS that are becoming very common today. We manage the electronic SARS E-Filing accounts of our client to keep them up to date.

In our tax system there are many areas where a growing owner managed business can optimize their tax position and remain compliant with SARS regulations. Let our professional tax practitioners help your business take advantage of the law and reduce administration pressure, queuing at SARS branches and frustration.

If you are not already registered for SARS e-filing, we can assist with this registration and make your regular visits to the local SARS branch a thing of the past.

Taxation maintenance made easy! Who should you turn to? MJR Accounting and Tax Services, that’s who!

Tax Services include:

  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • SARS representation
  • SARS audit or reviews
  • Registrations for Taxes with SARS
  • De-registrations of taxes with SARS
  • Annual Taxation Management with SARS
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Applications